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Meet the Team

Don’t let our youngish good looks fool you! The Erudite Technologies team instil excellence in all of their work and have years of experience. We have the most up to date web and IT skills, so be confident in knowing the development of your project is in capable and trusted hands. From conception to final sign off we will work with you to ensure your needs are being met with innovative technology and will be delivered in line with your vision.

Lead Team Members

Daniel Hayden

Managing Director

Daniel has 16 years’ experience in IT, specialising in system architecture, project management, design and development skills. As the head of Erudite Technologies, Daniel keeps up with the latest technology trends and has the experience to deliver projects on time and on budget. His love of IT is only matched by his love of chilli – the hotter the better as many in the office will attest to!

Cindal Endean

Lead Web Developer

Cindal is our lead web developer and visual designer. Through her time at Erudite Technologies, Cindal has become an expert in all matters HTML, CSS and best practice visual design methods for the web and mobile devices. Like the majority of web geeks (and we say this lovingly cause we ALL are here! ) Cindal is also passionate about all things Harry Potter and by JRR Tolkien!

Alastair Horsley

Lead Software Engineer

Alastair is our lead Software Engineer and has excellent analytical skills as well as have the ability to solve complex problems. Alastair’s ability to design and develop complex solutions make him a valued member of our team! When not on the computer Alastair enjoys flying his drone and model plane around the parks of Newcastle.

Danielle Emanuel

Digital Marketing

Danielle is our marketing guru and has successfully worked not only with our clients to develop successful digital strategy but she is also responsible for all marketing related activities for both Erudite Technologies and our sister company Central Coast Web Design. When not in the office, Danielle is a busy mother to two young boys – so it’s all about Spiderman and Octonauts!

Drew Anderson

Analyst Programmer

Drew joined the Erudite team at the start of 2014 and has fast become an integral part of our team. Drew has a wide range of technical skills and in-depth knowledge of our frameworks. He is primarily responsible for technical support but is also involved in project work. Drew is our “silent” assassin in the office and although the most quiet in our rambunctious team when he comments to a conversation – his comments are gold! 😉

Laura Gallagher

Accounts Manager

With a bubbly personality and a wicked sense of humour Laura is our Accounts Manager and deals with invoicing, payments and management of accounts. She keeps Erudite running up to date and all the team on their toes. She has excellent relationships with existing customers and obtains and maintains a thorough understanding of the financial reporting and general ledger structure.

Jane Hayden

Operations Manager

Jane jokes that she is the resident “Jane of all trades” around the office and in part this is true. From content and Blog writing, marketing on social media to day to day running of the business Jane understands the goals of the Erudite Technologies team and which strategies/operations will help achieve them.

Mission Statement

Erudite Technologies aims to provide effective solutions in web design and software development. Our goal is to deliver premium, innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses. Using Aristotle’s quote that “Quality is not an act – it is a habit” as the core of all our work efforts, our objective is to deliver online solutions that enhance business and technology needs. Erudite Technologies aims to be an erudition of web technology and online solutions. Our mission is to assist businesses in this manner and to the highest standards and best user experience.





About Us

Erudite Technologies is an established web development company delivering online solutions and web development services to a host of clients worldwide. We have a team of highly skilled professionals from system architects to graphic designers. Our diverse team allows us to provide clients with a full end to end solution.

With over a decade of IT business experience, Erudite Technologies has a strongly developed customer focus in which our goal is to provide quality, on time and on budget solutions. With our business knowledge and IT experience we understand what it takes to deliver quality solutions for your business.

Erudite Technologies began its humble beginnings as Black & Hayden Consulting in 2005. From there we have grown and developed into Erudite Technologies. We also have our sister company Central Coast Web Design, a division of Erudite Technologies, which continues to focus on providing the same great service and technical web solutions to our more local business areas.


Services We Offer

Erudite Technologies is an Australian company that delivers comprehensive web services ranging from custom website design to the development of e-commerce sites, mobile applications, internet marketing, ERP solutions, CRM services, consulting and so on. The common thread between all these services we offer is that we provide QUALITY. As the Philosopher Aristotle stated Quality is not an act, it is a habit. At Erudite Technologies we pride ourselves on providing quality in all that we do – as well as innovation, experience and commitment to deliver online solutions that will enhance your business and technology needs.

Why the name Erudite Technologies?

When tossing up business names we wanted something that summed up our dedication to producing work of a high quality – and reflects our knowledge and passion of what we do. Erudite Technologies was the name we coined. Erudite means to be characterised by great knowledge; educated, wise and sapient. With this in mind – it works towards our ongoing goal of working with customers to deliver online solutions that enhance business and technology needs.