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Data Import Framework

By Erudite Technologies

Our Data Importer Framework is a flexible framework that is used to transform data between data sources, apply validation to data, apply business rules during the transformation process and create rules that can then be re-used across multiple imports.
Our Data Importer Framework is a mature framework that has been used by our customers since 2009. The framework was initially developed for our book customers before being utilised by a number of non-book customers due to its generic and customizable design.

How would this framework be useful for my business?
If you require data to be transformed from one data source to another then our framework might be just what you’re looking for. The framework is extremely powerful and allows you to provide validation and rules to your data during the transformation process. Be it importing products from a CSV file into a database or importing data between applications the framework might be just what you’ve been looking for.
How much data can the framework handle?
As much as you need! We have customers running the framework processing millions of updates through the framework on a daily basis.
Are there any examples of how the framework has been used in the past?
Examples of how the Data Importer Framework implementations include:

  • Book and DVD related data import implementations include:
    • Nielsen Bookdata Bibliographical Import
    • Nielsen Bookdata Image Import
    • Ingram Price & Availability Import
    • Baker & Taylor Price & Availability Import
    • Gardners Price & Availability Import
    • Bertrams Price & Availability Import
    • Lightning Source E-Books Import
    • Trade Services DVD Import
    • All Interactive DVD Imports
    • Onix based supplier Imports
    • Ad-Hoc supplier Imports in various formats (for example, Pearsons Import)


  • Drop-Shipping implementations include:
    • Ingram CDF
    • Lightening Source E-Book Fulfillment
    • Gardners E-Book Fulfillment


  • POS implementations include:
    • Retail Express
    • Booknet
    • Advanced Retail
    • BookMine


  • Other implementations of the Data Importer Framework include:
    • Multiple Imports developed within disease research industry for Policy Cures research into neglected diseases.
    • Imports developed for interfacing with Australia Post for fulfillment using ELMs.
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