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At Erudite Technologies we have years of experience in knowing what it takes to market your business to the right audience. Our Digital Marketing Services allow us to share this knowledge and help you grow your business.

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Advise: Need help working out what your digital strategy should be? How to market you business effectively online? There are so many options out there and every business is unique so what will work for one will not necessarily work for another. We offer a service whereby we speak to you about your business and offer our expertise in what strategies would be most effective for you. We can then either help you implement our suggested strategies or you can go at it yourself of with another partner.
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation: We have the expertise to assist you with the development of a social media strategy and then the skills required to implement it! Our skillset includes: Facebook Page Creation & Ongoing Maintenance, Facebook Posting Strategy, Facebook Advertising, Google+ Page Creation & Ongoing Page Updates, Twitter Creation & Ongoing Tweets, LinkedIn Page Creation & Posting Strategies.
  • Other Digital Marketing Techniques: There are many other forms of digital marketing techniques that can help grow your business. Let us help you with the right strategy and implementation!


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Digital Marketing Services