Web Applications

Web applications are modern software applications, meaning it is software that can run in a web browser rather than a locally-run application on the device. Our web applications have helped businesses recoup time and money and increased productivity through efficient in-built processes. We are passionate about removing redundancies and helping businesses to thrive by providing targeted and tailored solutions. No two applications are the same; however, our experienced developers will ensure that we will deliver your project on time and on budget.

Why is a web application better than installable software?

Accessible anywhere

A web application is accessible anywhere a browser has access to the internet. Web applications hit a URL, and the software is loaded into the browser. Regular software requires installation on each device that it is needed to be used on, which if you have a few hundred devices, it can become quite an effort to install and update, thus increasing costs. A web application can be built so that all that has to be done is hit the web app URL, and it will load all assets, and timed reloads can happen that install updates.

Easily updated

Creating and rolling out extensions to the web app is also much more straightforward than installable software. Updates are automatically applied for the user when they either next load the application or reload. This is much faster to roll out to the entire network and less time consuming and frustrating for the end-users.

Reduced admin time

If your team members are located worldwide, a web application can reduce the admin time required to get up and running. Training time is also reduced as we can design interfaces to look and operate like a website providing familiarity.


Our web apps are easily portable as they are not tied to a particular vendor (us or otherwise) or host. As they are cloud-based, they can be picked up and moved without hassle.

What are the benefits?

What technologies will my new application use?

Our approach is tailored to each project as each application has different requirements. This custom approach dictates which technologies we will use, but predominantly it will be one or more of the following:


Spring is a boilerplate web application code base that allows us to get the base application created quickly and streamlines development. Spring also integrates with other third-party applications very easily.


Java is the dominant programming language and platform used for web applications. We utilise the J2EE platform that extends from Java and allows us to create a complete application server. This approach is typically used for more enterprise applications.


React is a component-based JavaScript library that assists in creating rich front end displays. React is a powerful tool that can be extended quite easily and quickly, making it an excellent tool for web applications. The component-based nature is also a great asset in rapid development.


APIs are a tool that allows two applications to talk to each other. If you have a third-party application that needs to communicate with your web application, we can create custom APIs to facilitate that communication.

Cloud services

Cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud can host many elements of an application, including the entire web application. This can help to speed up the loading of the application and also decrease hosting costs.

What’s the process?

01. Consultation & Current Application Assessment

We begin with an in-depth consultation with you and your stakeholders to ensure that we have as much information as possible about your current systems. We will also identify parts of the system or workflow that are causing issues, which are working well, and any new ideas or modules that will help your business continue to grow. We will determine what aspects of the system need to be re-worked or if a whole system rebuild is required. We will then decide which technologies will be appropriate for the project.

02. Build of components/application

Utilising modern technologies, we will create the new application or application segment with regular consultations with you.